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Where the passion for sailing and respect for the environment is born

The Optimist is the first dinghy on which children learn to sail. It is from this small boat that they learn the basics of sailing and get in contact with nature.
This is why Nox Oceani places great emphasis on this small boat, because the children before anyone else are responsible for the future of the planet.
This is the starting point for which Nox Oceani has initiated the study and production of the eco-sustainable Optimist, an innovative product that is, in its entirety, environmentally friendly.
The testers are our young athletes, young skippers who, in addition to learning and improving their sailing skills, are an integral part of this great project.
A necessary challenge: racing for the planet.

LOA2,3 mLWL2,12 mBeam1,13 mDraft with centreboard0,78 mWeight35 kgTotal sail area3,25 m²Crew1DesignerClark MillsFirst launched in1947Share